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Are you ready to become a Learn Python online At Career Maker, we offer comprehensive Python training and certification program designed to help you master the Best Python course. Our training program is specifically tailored to provide you with the knowledge, practical expertise, and industry-recognized certification required to succeed in the dynamic world of Python tutorial for beginners. Python is the language that powers the future of technology. Join our Python training and certification program to stay ahead in the digital era. Gain practical knowledge, solve real-world problems, and open doors to exciting career prospects. Don’t wait! Enroll Today and equip yourself with the skills that employers are seeking.


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- Python Programming COURSE HIGHLIGHTS -

The key features of training for the Python Certification with Career Maker:

  1. Expert Instruction: Learn from experienced Python experts.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers all Python concepts.
  3. Hands-On Projects: Gain practical experience.
  4. Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive sessions.
  5. Flexible Schedule: Evening and weekend classes available.
  6. Supportive Environment: Receive personalized guidance.
  7. Career Support: Assistance with resumes and interviews.
  8. Certification: Earn a globally recognized certificate.
  9. Lifetime Access: Access to course materials for life.
  10. Community Engagement: Connect with a vibrant learning community.


Class Schedule

08:00 AM-10:00 AM(EST) Weekday Morning July 19 2024- August 1 2024 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
08:00 PM-10:00 PM(EST) Weekday Evening July 01 2024- July 19 2024 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
06:00 AM to 10:00AM(CST) Weekends July 06 2024- August 04 2024 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW

July 01 2024- July 19 2024

08:00 PM-10:00 PM(EST)

Weekday Morning

Live Online



July 01 2024- July 19 2024

08:00 PM-10:00 PM(EST)

Weekday Evening

Live Online



April 27 2024- May 10 2024

09:00 AM to 11:00AM(CST)


Live Online



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-Python Programming Course Description -

The Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification, specifically designed for individuals starting their journey in Python programming, evaluates a candidate's competence in completing coding tasks related to the fundamentals of Python training program. This professional certificate serves as an assurance of the candidate's understanding of essential concepts, syntax, and semantics of the Python course for data analysis, as well as their ability to utilize the Python Standard Library to solve typical implementation challenges.

The Python certification training is a stepping stone to the python certification and the entry point for a career in Python programming, software development, and related fields. Being Python certified can help certification holders stand out from the competition, secure a job interview, and land a junior-level position in the IT industry or elsewhere having a working knowledge of Python is advantageous.

The ideal Target Audience for the course:

Beginners in Programming, Aspiring Developers, Data Analysts, and Scientists: , Machine Learning Enthusiasts: , Web Developers: , Automation and Scripting,DevOps Engineers, Game Developers:., IT Professionals

  • Prospective programmers and students eager to pick up the language for leisure and work-related purposes
  • Students and those changing careers who are looking for junior-level positions as software developers, data analysts, or testers.
  • Professionals in the business looking to learn more about Python-related or Python-based technology.
  • Seeking to lay a strong foundation for continued studies in more specific fields including testing, data analytics, machine learning, IoT, and web development; ambitious programmers and industry experts.
  • To better manage and interact with the development and production teams, team leaders, product managers, and project managers should be familiar with the terms and procedures used throughout the software development cycle.

Basic Computer Skills, No Prior Programming Experience, Basic English Proficiency, Motivation and Curiosity having some additional background in mathematics and logic can be advantageous, but they are not mandatory. Python's clear and concise syntax, along with its extensive community support and learning resources, make it a welcoming language for beginners. With dedication and practice, you can quickly become proficient in Python programming. Happy coding



Exam name

PCEP™ – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

Exam Code & Current Exam Versions

PCEP-30-02 (Status: Active)
PCEP-30-01 (Status: Retiring – December 31, 2022)





Exam Duration

PCEP-30-02 – Exam: 40 minutes, NDA/Tutorial: 5 minutes
PCEP-30-01 – Exam: 45 minutes, NDA/Tutorial: 5 minutes

Number of Questions



Single- and multiple-select questions, drag & drop, gap fill, sort, code fill, code insertion | Python 3.x

Passing Score



English, Spanish


USD 59 (Exam: Single-Shot)
USD 76.70 (Exam: with one retake)
USD 71.00 (Exam: Single-Shot + Practice Test)
USD 29 (Practice Test)

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7 items Python Certification Passing Score

Max Raw Score: 180 (18%) 

8 items Max Raw Score: 290 (29%)      

7 items Max Raw Score: 250 (25%) 

8 items Max Raw Score: 280 (28%)

Python Programming  Certification Validity and Renewal

Once you passed the PCEP™ – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (PCEP) exam. Your certificate is valid for a lifetime. 

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    -Python Programming Syllabus -

    Module 1

    • Introduction to Advanced Python programming
    • Interpreter vs Compiler
    • Installing Python
    • Python2 vs Python3
    • History of Python

    Module 2

    • Data types
    • Variables
    • Basic input-output operations
    • Basic Operators

    Module 3

    • Boolean values
    • Conditional execution
    • Loops
    • logical and bitwise operations

    Module 4

    • Functions
    • Tuples
    • Dictionaries
    • Lists
    • Sets
    • Indexing
    • Slicing

    - Python Programming Jobs & Salary -

    Python programmers have diverse job opportunities in web development, data analysis, machine learning, software development, DevOps, and game development.

    The average Python developer salary in the US ranged from $90,000 to $120,000 per year.

    Yes, Python's versatility and increasing demand across industries make it a promising career choice for the future.

    The job market demand for Python programmers is high, as many companies seek their skills for various tasks, such as data analysis, automation, and machine learning.

    Python programmers can advance their careers by mastering Python fundamentals, popular libraries, and frameworks, along with enhancing problem-solving and domain-specific knowledge.

    Yes, many Python programming jobs offer remote work options, allowing professionals to work from different locations

    Python Programming Certification from CareerMaker Solutions is the best Certification. Accredited by Python Institute.

    Python programmers can stay updated by following tech blogs, attending conferences, joining online communities, and participating in webinars or workshops.

    Yes, Python programming can lead to diverse career paths, including data science, artificial intelligence, robotics, and backend development.

    Essential skills for a successful Python programming career include strong Python proficiency, problem-solving abilities, and familiarity with relevant libraries and frameworks.

    - Benefits Of Choosing CareerMaker Solutions ? -



    Risk Management Framework (RMF), Risk Management, Information Technology (IT) Security, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Manager (CISSM), CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional – CCAP, CompTIA IT Operations Specialist – CIOS, CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional – CSCP, CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist – CSIS, Information Systems Management & Cyber Security, Cyber Security Law and Policy, Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance, and Computer Networking,

    Arvind Kumar

    Programming Language Instructor

    - Certification of Course Completion -

    - Success Stories -

    -Master Python Programming Today -

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to master Python training program
    with our comprehensive training and certification program. Join us today and gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of Python development course.

    Call Us Today to learn more about our Python certification course, course schedules, and enrollment options. Start your journey towards becoming a proficient Python programmer today!

    - FAQ -

    A Python course is a structured learning program that teaches individuals how to use the Python programming language. It covers various concepts, from basics to advanced topics, enabling learners to build real-world applications.

    PCEP (Python Certified Entry-Level Programmer) is a certification offered by the Python Institute. It validates a candidate's knowledge and skills as an entry-level Python programmer.

    The salary for PCEP-certified professionals can vary based on experience, job role, and location. However, on average, PCEP certification can lead to entry-level positions with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 per year.

    With a PCEP certification, you can apply for entry-level Python programming jobs, such as Python Developer, Junior Software Engineer, and Python Support Specialist.

    The PCEP certification exam consists of two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 focuses on the fundamentals of Python, while Part 2 tests the candidate's ability to solve practical problems using Python.

    the exam fee for each part of the PCEP certification was $59 USD. 

    To pass the PCEP certification, candidates need to score at least 70% on each part of the exam. A cumulative score of 70% or higher is required to achieve the certification.

    No, there are no prerequisites for the PCEP certification. It is designed for beginners with no prior Python experience.

    You can prepare for the PCEP certification exam by taking a Python course that covers the exam objectives or by self-study using official Python Institute resources and practice exams.

    The PCEP certification does not expire, meaning once you achieve it, you hold the certification permanently. However, as your career progresses, you may choose to pursue higher-level Python certifications for career advancement.

    The PCEP certification exam covers essential Python concepts, including variables, data types, operators, control structures, functions, and basic I/O operations. It also includes questions on file handling, exception handling, and working with lists, tuples, and dictionaries.

    Yes, the PCEP certification exam is available online, allowing candidates to take the exam from the convenience of their own homes or a suitable testing center.

    The preparation time for the PCEP certification exam can vary based on your prior programming experience and dedication to studying. Generally, a few weeks of focused preparation should be sufficient for beginners to be well-prepared for the exam.

    Yes, the PCEP certification is recognized globally as an entry-level certification for Python programming. It is a valuable credential for aspiring Python developers seeking employment opportunities worldwide.

    The PCEP certification demonstrates your foundational knowledge of Python and can enhance your resume, making you stand out to potential employers in the competitive job market. It also serves as a strong starting point for advancing your Python programming career.

    Yes, you can retake the PCEP certification exam if you don't pass on your first attempt. However, you will need to pay the exam fee for each attempt.

    Yes, each part of the PCEP certification exam has a time limit. As of my last update, Part 1 had a time limit of 45 minutes, and Part 2 had a time limit of 45 minutes as well.




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