Are you ready to become a problem-solving expert and drive process improvement? At CareerMaker, we offer a comprehensive Six Sigma Green Belt certification program designed to help you enhance your problem-solving skills and contribute to organizational success. Our training program is specifically tailored to provide you with the knowledge, practical expertise, and industry-recognized certification required to excel in the field of process improvement.

Statistical principles and methods are used in the Six Sigma methodology to find deviations or flaws in a process. An individual who holds an Accredited Six Sigma Certification has demonstrated a certain level of proficiency in the study and use of this approach. This kind of accreditation will substantially advance your career and make you a more desirable asset in any sector.

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six sigma green belt

The key features of training for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with CareerMaker:

  • Learn the information from the White Belt, Yellow Belt, and JumpStart
  • Select Six Sigma projects
  • Gather a Six Sigma team and plan the job for it.
  • Efficiently assess process metrics using statistical techniques
  • Utilizing diagrams, process maps, prioritisation tools, and control plans, complete Six Sigma tasks.


Schedule of Classes

09:00am - 01:00pm (CST) Weekend Morning August 04 2023- August 26 2023 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
10:00am - 06:00pm (CST) Weekday August 06 2023- August 10 2023 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
07:00PM - 11:00pm (CST) Weekend Evening August 04 2023- August 26 2023 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW

August 04 2023- August 26 2023

09:00am – 01:00pm (CST)

Weekend Morning

Live Online



August 06 2023- August 10 2023

10:00am – 06:00pm (CST)


Live Online



August 04 2023- August 26 2023

07:00PM – 11:00pm (CST)

Weekend Evening

Live Online



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-SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT Course Description -

The influence that Six Sigma may have on corporate organisations around the world as well as on the careers of those who have acquired their Six Sigma Certification has quickly led to a great deal of attention. The top 5 reasons people select this kind of training and certification are covered in the section below.


Stand out from the crowd is the finest strategy to boost your earning potential. Nothing accomplishes that more quickly or for less money than a Six Sigma Certification. Not only is it very adaptable across essentially every industry, but employers are also aware that your knowledge will almost certainly have a substantial impact on their bottom line. It makes sense why they treat Six Sigma-certified staff so favourably.

The ideal Target Audience for the course:

  • Process Analyst.
  • Director, Process Engineering.
  • Senior Consultant.
  • Continuous Improvement Manager.
  • Operational Excellence Manager.
  • Six Sigma Manager.
  • Project Manager

Pre-requisites for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:

You need three years of full-time work experience to be qualified for a Six Sigma Green Belt. The job must expressly be full-time and must correspond to one of the disciplines covered by the Green Belt body of knowledge. Internships and part-time jobs are not acceptable, and you cannot convert them to full-time equivalent hours.

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    -SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT Syllabus -


    • Introduction & overview of six sigma project management
    • Who are customers, and what are the types of customers?
    • Voice Of Customer(VOC)
    • Critical To Quality (CTQ)
    • Mapping CTQs to internal Critical to Business Processes (CBP )
    • Elements of a project charter- Problem statement
    • Business case
    • Goal statement
    • Project scope & Project team


    • Process analysis & mapping
    • Identifying the detailed AS-IS processes
    • Understanding the tools to create a process map
    • Dos & Don’ts of process mapping
    • SIPOC
    • Understanding data
    • Types of data & Characteristics
    • Basic statistics – Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation & Variation
    • Data collection techniques


    • Data analysis techniques
    • Tools used for data analysis
    • Pareto Chart
    • Fishbone
    • FMEA
    • The statistical hypothesis to validate the assumption ( Assumption based on P-value)
    • Understanding Type I and Type II error
    • Analysis of Means using variation (ANOVA)


    • Understanding Value
    • Evaluating Value added & Non-value added activities using Value stream mapping
    • 5S ( Set, Sort, Straighten, Strengthen, Stabilize)
    • Muda
    • Driving Kaizen events


    • Establishing Control Plans to sustain gains
    • Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC) Charts
    • Identifying special and common causes, etc.
    • Selection and application of the right control charts
    • Application of the following types of Control charts: X bar R, X bar S, individual and moving range (ImR/ Xmr),NP,P,C and U

    - SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT Jobs & Salary -

    You should first think about the earning possibilities if you're considering acquiring your Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Six Sigma Green Belt salaries range from $88,000 to $114,600 a year, according to, for those who obtain their green belt certification in the methodology.

    Consider obtaining a Master's belt after Six Sigma Green Belt certification, which will definitely help you ramp up your career.

    Businesses like Motorola, Ford, GE, Sony and Kodak all look for Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

    On their project teams, Green Belts frequently take the lead in data collection activities and measurement system validation. By employing their facilitation talents and directing brainstorming sessions, they also contribute to bettering team dynamics and dynamics.

    As representatives for advancing Six Sigma inside the company, they:

    • Use graphs to demonstrate process improvement in a very visible and understandable manner.
    • Make a communication strategy to give leadership and other stakeholders accurate information about the project.

    A Green Belt certification sets certificate holders apart from other job applicants who might not be familiar with DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and other crucial concepts learned during Six Sigma training. Green Belts contribute their skills to initiatives aimed at enhancing internal processes and raising customer satisfaction, despite the fact that experts with Six Sigma Black Belt qualifications are often the ones who hold the highest strategic leadership positions.

    - Benefits Of Choosing CareerMaker Solutions ? -



    Risk Management Framework (RMF), Risk Management, Information Technology (IT) Security, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Manager (CISSM), CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional – CCAP, CompTIA IT Operations Specialist – CIOS, CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional – CSCP, CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist – CSIS, Information Systems Management & Cyber Security, Cyber Security Law and Policy, Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance, and Computer Networking,

    Jim Hollis

    CompTIA Instructor

    - Certification of Course Completion -

    - Success Stories -

    -Enhance Your Problem-Solving Skills Today -

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your problem-solving skills with our comprehensive Six Sigma Green Belt certification program. Join us today and gain the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the field of process improvement.

    Call Us Today to learn more about our training program, course schedules, and enrollment options. Start your journey towards becoming a proficient process improvement professional today!

    six sigma green belt

    - FAQ -

    six sigma black belt training online

    Name of exam: Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam by IASSC

    Type of exam: Proctored, closed book exam

    No. of questions: 100 questions, extra 10 non-graded questions

    Time: 3 hours

    Type of questions: Multiple choice

    A group of techniques known as Six Sigma are used to methodically improve processes by getting rid of flaws. These actions will help you become an expert in Six Sigma.

    1. Be familiar with six Sigma and its uses.
    2. Put project-specific learning into practice. Complete a task and arrive.
    3. Make it a priority to mentor other projects.
    4. Acquiring basic knowledge of Six Sigma concepts and instruments.

    Six Sigma expertise at the "Yellow Belt" level is highly advised. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt can be obtained by successfully completing it.

    Those with a solid background in business and a solid grasp of fundamental business practises and principles will fare better in this specialisation.

    After completing this specialisation, students should be able to advance their careers by employing the six sigma principles and techniques to support quality assurance inside their organisations.

    The "Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook," which is used for ASQ certification training, is connected with the ideas taught in this specialisation.

    Six Sigma may not always be helpful in sales and marketing. However, resources like probability, hypothesis testing, regressions, trend analysis, forecasting, and experimental design can be very helpful. These technologies can aid in locating and prioritising consumer groups from which the company might increase revenue.




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