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CAREERMAKER is committed to ensuring satisfaction for all customers. CAREERMAKER relies on its Return and Cancellation Policy to help ensure this satisfaction.

CAREERMAKER reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time. Charges and payment terms may be changed in accordance with the applicable price schedule. All other provisions may be changed by CAREERMAKER immediately upon notice. Continued use of the services and materials following any change constitutes acceptance of the change.

CAREERMAKER may suspend or discontinue providing services and materials to you without notice and may pursue any remedy legally available if you fail to comply with any of your obligations hereunder.

 If an individual learner is unable to attend on the scheduled course date reserved, the candidate should notify CAREERMAKER at least 3 business days in advance. If they do so, we will agree an reschedule the course date with the candidate for any course date in the next 6 months, subject to availability.

 If a learner fails to notify us in advance of inability to attend on the course date reserved 3 business days before the course start date, then a rescheduling fee will apply.Rescheduling Charges are as Follows:

• For requests received 3 business days or more in advance of the scheduled date of the course, there is no rescheduling charge for the first (2) changes, a $50 fee per course will be applied after two requests.

• For notification given less than 3 business days inclusive before the course date, a charge of $50 per course will be charged to reschedule.

• In the event of non-attendance where payment has been received, there shall be no refund and in the event of non-attendance where the fee has not been received, the fee will remain due and payable.Course Cancelled by The Candidate – No Refund Will be Given

• We operate a “no refunds” and “no cancellation” policy for our discounted courses offered on the day.

• If a course is run exclusively for a corporate customer – at our training centers, on a customer site or any other alternative venue – the same refund terms apply in the event of cancellation, but an alternative course date can be arranged by agreement.If We Change Your Course

• In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to change your course, in total or in part, we will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible of any necessary changes. You shall have the choice of:

• accepting the changed arrangements;

• or purchasing another course from us (and paying or receiving a refund in respect of any differences);

• or cancelling your course and receiving a full refund of all payments made.Delay or Failure to Perform on our Part

• We shall not be liable to you if we are prevented or delayed in the performing of any of our obligations to you if this is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including (without limitation):

• An act of God, explosion, flood, fire or accident;

• War or civil disturbance;

• Strike, industrial action or stoppages of work;

• Any form of government intervention;

• A third party act or omission;

• Failure by you to give us your correct details or notify us of any change in details.Our Liability to You

• We shall ensure that all services you order from us are in accordance with these terms and conditions and shall be performed by us with all reasonable skill, care and utmost professionalism.

• Where an element of your course is not provided as stated in the course instructions you must notify us within 28 days of the alleged breach. We shall then investigate the matter and if we have not delivered the services in accordance with the course content, objectives and guidelines you shall be entitled to:

• A full refund of the cost of your course (or, where appropriate, the relevant section of it) less any fees charged for changes requested by you;

• Or a free course to the equivalent value of the services complained of, where such dates are agreed in writing by us.

• We will not be liable to you by way of representation (unless fraudulent), common law duty or under any express or implied term of the contract for:

• Any losses which are not foreseeable by both you and us when the Contract is formed arising in connection with the supply of the services or their use by you;

• Any losses which are not caused by any breach by us; business or trade losses.

• Our entire liability in connection with training services will not exceed the purchase price of the services booked less any amendment charges paid to us.

• Except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence our liability remains, at all times, limited to the value of the services booked, excluding any amendment charges paid to us.Behaviour

• If your behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable or causes damage your course may be terminated and you may be asked to leave the premises. Your application form and contact details will be retained pending further enquiry.

• No whole or part refunds will be made under these circumstances.