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#1 Top PMP Training & Certification in New York

The PMI designed the PMP Certification to honour project managers who have demonstrated their proficiency in managing projects successfully. PMI is the world’s foremost authority on project management. Project managers with the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential belong to an exclusive group. It demonstrates project leadership expertise and experience in any working method.

A project manager must fulfil specific requirements and then pass a 180-question exam in order to become certified as a PMP. Each test question may be connected to actual project management experiences because the PMP exam was developed by project leaders for project leaders.

The majority of project managers have to go through a large, messy, and confusing pile of tries and errors, but project management training transforms this into a set of precise guidelines that yield outstanding and repeatable results.

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- Career benefits with PMP certification -

The median pay for project management professionals was $92,000, according to a survey that included more than 30,000 project managers from 29 different countries.

The CAPM, another credential given by PMI, is comparable to the Top PMP Training & Certification in New York. The concentration of these qualifications is what sets them apart most. The CAPM is designed for entry-level professionals, whereas the PMP is a more involved, higher-level qualification.

Businesses like HP, Leidos, Deloitte, Mayo Clinic and Lenovo, Capgemini all look for  Top PMP Training & Certification in New York.

A project manager is responsible for overseeing the completion of the entire project from start to finish. The PMP-certified applicant is also responsible for organising, securing, managing, and overseeing a project in order to achieve certain objectives.

Project management is the most common path for PMP professionals to choose while beginning their careers. Project schedulers, coordinators, and office directors are additional positions held by certified PMI professionals.

- What you will Get -

The key features of training for the PMP Certification with CareerMaker:

Most sought-after certification

By 2027, there will be a shortage of about 88 million project-oriented job jobs, according to PMI research. With such tremendous demand, it is obvious that there will be more job opportunities and higher salaries around the world.

The word “Excellence”

Your credibility in managing projects of all sizes and complexity is confirmed by the PMP certificate to prospective employers. An indication of excellence in your field is having PMP on your resume.

Use the Local Language

Professionals must be fluent in project management terminology because today everything and anything is a project. Improve the speed at which you master the ideas and lingo that project management teams throughout the world use to communicate.



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- Why Choose Us ? -

-Who should attend this Course -

Project management training aligns the appropriate solutions with the appropriate problems despite the fact that every business has its own distinct perspective on what a project is. With it, you may be sure that you, your business, and your tasks are managed effectively.

Every project shares some characteristics, including stakeholders, products, workloads, evaluations, and more, despite their evident variances. A project manager gains control of them through project management training, which reveals them.

The ideal Target Audience for the course:

Among the job roles that can enrol in PMP training are, but are not restricted to:

  • Project managers,
  • Team leads
  • IT managers
  • Project Partners
  • Initiative Sponsors
  • Project managers aspiring to become software developers
  • Anyone who wants to comprehend the PMBOK Guide in its entirety
  • Anyone who wants to pass the PMP certification examination

Pre-requisites for PMP Certification:

The PMP is not a certification for beginners. To be qualified for PMP certification, candidates must have both practical project experience and theoretical understanding, and PMI defines the following qualifications:

  • Four years of education
  • 36 months or more of project-leading experience
  • 35 hours of study or training in project management

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    -What you will learn in this Course -

    Project Management Overview

    • Describe a project.
    • Project management: What is it?
    • Program, Project, and Portfolio
    • Life Cycle of a Project
    • Roles and responsibilities of the project manager
    • Project management trends
    • Considerations for Agile

    Management of project communications.

    • Manage communications in a plan.
    • Control communication.
    • Observe the communications.

    Risk Management for Projects

    • Risk management strategy.
    • Determine Risks.
    • Analyze risks qualitatively.
    • Analyze risks quantitatively.
    • Consider risk responses.
    • Put risk responses into action.
    • Track Risks.

    Management of project procurement

    • Procurement management plans.
    • Organize procurements.
    • Control purchases.

    Management of project stakeholders

    • Determine the stakeholders.
    • Stakeholder Management for a Plan.
    • Engage Stakeholders and manage them.
    • Follow up on stakeholder involvement.

    Project scope control.

    • Scope Management for Plans.
    • gathering requirements
    • Set the Scope
    • Make a WBS
    • Validate Scope Management Scope

    Schedule management for projects

    • Schedule management for plans.
    • Establish Activities
    • Order Your Activities
    • Estimate the length of each activity

    Manage the quality of a project.

    • Manage quality by planning.
    • Control quality.
    • Manage the quality.

    Need Customized Curriculum?



    I bring knowledge and skills to beginners and senior practitioners in project management and project business, improving the results of projects, the happiness of internal stakeholders and clients, and the bottom lines of companies doing projects for paying customers.

    Oliver F. Lehmann

    PMI Instructor

    - Certification of Course Completion -

    - Success Stories -

    - FAQ -

    Exam Name: PMP Certification

    PMP Exam Cost: For PMI Members USD 405 and for Non-Members USD 583

    Exam Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Responses, Fill in the blank, Matching, and Hotspot

    Total Questions: 180 Questions

    Passing Score: Psychometric Analysis

    Exam Duration: 230 Minutes

    Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian

    The PMP certification test is difficult. It contains a four-hour time limit and 200 multiple-choice questions that cover a broad range of in-depth project management expertise. Even for project managers with a lot of practical experience, pre-exam coursework or training is advised even though it is not necessary.

    While both are business-focused credentials that aid professionals in increasing their career prospects and earning potential, their frameworks and foci are different. Although project management is a focus of MBA degrees, they also give broader skill sets for human resources, accounting, and operations. MBA degrees normally take two years to complete.

    There isn't a single training programme that all project managers adhere to. Various organisations support various project management strategies and approaches. A project manager should ideally receive instruction and certification in the approach that is most appropriate for their organisation or sector.

    Project managers pursue credentials like the PMP to demonstrate their skill in a cutthroat field as well as to expand their professional horizons and obtain access to almost any industry they desire, anywhere in the globe. Employers can see from your certification that you have the skills necessary to plan, manage, and maintain any size project.

    The PMP Handbook's five process groups must all be covered in project management experience.




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