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Python Training Course In North Carolina

A professional certificate known as Python Training Course In North Carolina – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification (Exam PCEP-30-0x) assesses a candidate’s aptitude for completing coding tasks associated with the fundamentals of Python programming. A test applicant should show that they have a sufficient understanding of the fundamental principles of computer programming, the syntax and semantics of the Python language, and the ability to use the Python Standard Library to solve common implementation problems.

The PCEP certification demonstrates that a person is knowledgeable about the following ideas: basic terminologies and definitions (such as compilation vs. interpretation), Python’s logic and structure (such as keywords, instructions, and indentation), literals, variables, and number systems, operators and data types, I/O operations, control flow mechanisms (such as conditional blocks and loops), data collections (such as lists, tuples, dictionaries, and strings), and functions.north carolina

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- Career benefits with PCEP certification -

best python certification training

It's good news for Python programmers. According to Burning Glass, the average python developer makes $99,811 per year.

You'll want to obtain the PCEP from the Python Institute after taking this course because it was created specifically for that certification. On the other side, Python Institute also provides higher-level, professional certificates in the language's use such as PCAP and PCPP.

Top companies and industries hiring PCEP are CareCentrix, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Collabera, NetApp, Capgemini etc.

PCEP certification is a useful certificate for people wishing to advance to more complex, specialised, and well-paid software development, security, networking, the internet of things, and engineering professions.

It's ideal if you already consider yourself a "Python-head" and want to add a credential to your resume. Although having one or more Python certifications won't damage your chances of getting hired or getting promoted, our data study indicates that certifications aren't a major consideration for many organisations. Everything depends on your ability to exhibit your skills, just like in so many other technology-related fields.

- What you will Get -

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The key features of training for the PCEP Certification with CareerMaker:

With our Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer course, you can:

  • The best-ever Python course in terms of visualisation.
  • Content that has been carefully selected and officially approved by the Python Institute.
  • Structured lessons that make it easier for you to understand complicated ideas.
  • Practice exams to cement each concept and advance each module.



09:00am - 01:00pm (CST) Weekend Morning Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
10:00am - 06:00pm (CST) Weekday FEB 06- FEB 10 2022 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
07:00PM - 11:00pm (CST) Weekend Morning Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW

Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022

09:00am – 01:00pm (CST)

Weekend Morning

Live Online



FEB 06- FEB 10 2022

10:00am – 06:00pm (CST)


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Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022

07:00PM – 11:00pm (CST)

Weekend Morning

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- Why Choose Us ? -

-Who should attend this Course -

Obtaining Python Training Course In North Carolina certification assures that a person is familiar with the key Python 3 tools needed to begin their own studies at the intermediate level and to continue their professional development.

The PCEP certification is a stepping stone to the PCAP certification and the entry point for a career in Python programming, software development, and related fields. Being PCEP certified can help certification holders stand out from the competition, secure a job interview, and land a junior-level position in the IT industry or elsewhere having a working knowledge of Python is advantageous.

The ideal Target Audience for the course:

  • Prospective programmers and students eager to pick up the language for leisure and work-related purposes
  • Students and those changing careers who are looking for junior-level positions as software developers, data analysts, or testers.
  • Professionals in the business looking to learn more about Python Training Course In North Carolina.
  • Seeking to lay a strong foundation for continued studies in more specific fields including testing, data analytics, machine learning, IoT, and web development; ambitious programmers and industry experts.
  • To better manage and interact with the development and production teams, team leaders, product managers, and project managers should be familiar with the terms and procedures used throughout the software development cycle.

Pre-requisites for PCEP Certification:

  • The individual should be well-versed in the fundamental ideas behind computer programming.
  • Should be able to understand the Python programming language's fundamental syntax and semantics
  • The person can also use the Python Standard Library to solve common implementation problems.

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    -What you will learn in this Course -

    Module 1

    • Introduction to Python and Computer Programming
    • Interpreter vs Compiler
    • Installing Python
    • Python2 vs Python3
    • History of Python

    Module 2

    • Data types
    • Variables
    • Basic input-output operations
    • Basic Operators

    Module 3

    • Boolean values
    • Conditional execution
    • Loops
    • logical and bitwise operations

    Module 4

    • Functions
    • Tuples
    • Dictionaries
    • Lists
    • Sets
    • Indexing
    • Slicing

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    Risk Management Framework (RMF), Risk Management, Information Technology (IT) Security, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Manager (CISSM), CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional – CCAP, CompTIA IT Operations Specialist – CIOS, CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional – CSCP, CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist – CSIS, Information Systems Management & Cyber Security, Cyber Security Law and Policy, Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance, and Computer Networking,

    Jim Hollis

    CompTIA Instructor

    - Certification of Course Completion -

    - Success Stories -

    - FAQ -

    six sigma black belt training online

    Name: Certified Python Entry-Level Programmer: PCEP-30-02

    Exam duration: 40 minutes (exam) + 5 minutes (NDA)

    Passing: 70%

    Total Questions: 30

    Question type: Single choice & MCQ

    You will learn everything you require to pass the Python Institute's PCEP test in this Python programming course. Using Python modules and packages, handling errors and exceptions, comprehending and working with strings, using object-oriented programming, and more are all covered in the course.

    A suitable associate-level certification in reading, writing, and using Python for IT professionals just starting their careers is the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification. Anyone who needs a thorough understanding of Python for daily use should take this Python Training Course In North Carolina. That can include administrators, developers, and programmers.

    Yes, this Python programming course has been specifically created with the PCEP from Python Institute — in mind. The learning objectives in this course cover all of the topics covered on the PCEP test, from modules and packages to exceptions and strings to object-oriented programming.

    Because the PCEP is one of the most respected certifications in the field and is offered by the Python Institute, one of the most respected companies in the IT sector, you should enrol in this Python programming certification training. This course will teach you how to programme in the most widely used object-oriented language in the world.




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