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BEST Project Management Certification for Beginners
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BEST Project Management Certification for Beginners

To become a project manager, some training is necessary to keep your resume up to date. Moving up the corporate ladder means making yourself invaluable to your enterprise. Being the best and being able to lead a team is one of those skills that work in every field. A managerial post is also a good path to getting higher pay. So, if you aim to become a project manager, you might consider getting the CompTIA Project+ Certification. This would help your career in ways that are beyond imagination. But first a little intro to the concept of this certification.

BEST Project Management Certification for Beginners CompTIA Project+ 

Before going into the specifics of how training for the CompTIA Project+ Certifications helps your future endeavors, it is important to know exactly what is CompTIA Project+. The Project+ or PK0-004 is a versatile course that is useful for everyone. This training is ideal for professionals who have to manage projects which are not complex, along with other parts of their job duties. So, they end up needing foundational project management skills. CompTIA Project+ works for more than just one field because it covers essential project management concepts.  The methodology or framework of the course is diverse to be beneficial for everyone. 

But to get the CompTIA Project+ Certification, you need to give an exam and pass it with flying colors. This proves to your employer that you are capable of more responsibilities at a higher pay scale. To ace the exam, you will also need quality training which plays an essential role in helping you become a project manager. There are many people for whom this course is specially curated. The target audience for this certification course is Project Coordinators/Managers, Project Team Members, Business Analysts, Managers, Directors, and Team Leaders.

To get the training from people who are experienced and can be relied on, institutes like Careermaker help a lot. There is a significant number of advantages to opting for training before going for the exams. For example, opting for training helps the professional unlock features like

  • 100% Passing Guarantee.
  • Fully Customized Training
  • Certified & 20 + Years of Experienced Trainers
  • 100% Money-Back And Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 24*7 Support Dedicated Account Manager
  • Original Study Materials
  • Exam Protection
  • Unlimited Retakes for LifeTime
  • Access to 100+ recorded Classes
  • Blended learning delivery model (self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options)
  • Cloud-Based Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Guaranteed unbeatable pricing

Among all these wonderful features, the 1 key significant feature has the be the fully customized training option. So, if you are a goal-minded individual dedicated to passing the examination, join the course and avail these diverse training options. 

Fully Customized Training

While studying for a new course, a lot of thought goes into the entire process. Working professionals often find it difficult to focus on studies while juggling a full-time job. And taking hiatus is an option for everyone. So, many may not even consider getting these. But with the CompTIA Project+ course from Careermaker, they can choose the option that is the most beneficial to them. 

Careermaker has 3 training delivery options, they are-

Self Paced Training

This option comes with a lot of benefits. 

  • 1-Year Access to CompTIA Certmaster- The Self Paced Training delivery option also comes with the option of accessing the CompTIA Certmaster for the year. 
  • 1-year access to CompTIA Labs- Careermaker also offers its students the opportunity to access the CompTIA Labs for the entire year.
  • 1-year access to CompTIA Practice Exams- Doing the CompTIA Project+ course also unlocks features like taking a practice test to evaluate your current position. 
  • Exam Voucher with 1 Retake- The Self Paced Training course also comes with an exam voucher with an added retake option for optimum results. 
  • 24*7 dedicated Account Manager- Once enrolled with Careermaker, you will have your account managed by the site with enough guidance 24/7.
  • 100 % Passing Guarantee- Going on with the CompTIA Project+ Certification course from Careermaker guarantees that you will pass the Project+ exam and get your career-defining certificate. 
  • Doubt-clearing sessions with a trainer- Have all your doubts and questions clarified by Careermaker’s certified trainers.
  • Access to recorded classes- Many may not be able to attend the live classes during the day and only get time at night. For those professionals, access to recorded classes is paramount. 
  • Live Bootcamp

    This is also very helpful for professionals and includes features like-

    • 40 hours of Live Instructor-Led Training- The live training is an attractive part of the course where you can learn directly. The trainers who teach in Careermasters are the best instructors in the industry.
    • Certified and experienced trainer- The certified instructors of the organization ensure that you learn the current techniques and methods to handle problems. 
    • CompTIA Study Materials- The materials provided by Careermaster are the original texts for the CompTIA exams. So you can be sure that the exams’ syllabus would be fully covered.
    • Cloud-Based LMS- The cloud-based system is extremely beneficial for distance learning and helps student access materials at their leisure. 
    • Exam Voucher with 1 Retake- Along with the purchase of the CompTIA Project+ Certification course, Careermaker offers a voucher for the exam. This voucher also offers retakes up to once. 
    • 24*7 dedicated Account Manager- You can be sure of total guidance around the clock, along with account management by Careermaker. 
    • 100 % Passing Guarantee- The teaching methodology and hands-on training of Careermaker make sure that you know everything that might come in the exam. 
    • Doubt-clearing sessions with a trainer- Doubts while learning something new is obvious. But with enough opportunities to clear them with certified trainers, Careermaker makes sure that you have a clear understanding of the entire course in the end. 
    • Training Retake option for a lifetime- An attractive feature of the live Bootcamp is by opting for that you can retake your training any time you desire. This opportunity is for a lifetime.

    Corporate Training

      The corporate training option has a lot of attractive features like-

      • Blended learning delivery model (self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options)- Your learning progress will not be hindered by whether you are comfortable with or without a guide. This system is built for every type of student.
      • Guaranteed unbeatable pricing- The prices offered by Careermaker are the most affordable ones in the market. This is helpful for those who are on a tight budget.
      • Cloud-Based Learning Management System (LMS)- In this innovative tech solution, you can access your materials from anywhere. You just need working internet and a device.
      • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams- The site Careermaker offers a dashboard for the student who is learning alone as well as with the whole team, making it diverse.
      • 24×7 Dedicated Support- Careermaker is known for providing the necessary support round the clock so that you have no doubts. Their trainers are experienced and knowledgeable enough to nip any problem in the bud.

      Thus we see that with so many options to choose from, every kind of working professional can get the CompTIA Project+ certification and have a great career. In going for a course to help with the certification, you make sure that your studies will along the right path. Careermaker would help you get your desired Project+ certificate in no time with their effective and diverse teaching system. 


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