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What Jobs Can I Get with CASP+ Certification 2023
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What Jobs Can I Get with CASP+ Certification 2023

Cyber threats are a big deal in today’s world, what with the boom of technology and the availability of the internet. So it is natural that companies like to invest in professionals who know enough to combat them. These employees are highly regarded and prove their worth on paper by holding certain certificates like CompTIA CASP+. The CompTIA CASP+ Certification is for those who want to pursue a career in advanced-level cyber security. These are for the security architects and senior security engineers who are charged with the duty of leading and improving a company’s cybersecurity readiness. These architects and engineers implement certain solutions in complex environments. They also make the company more resilient while still meeting compliance and risk requirements. But before going into the jobs the holder of the CompTIA CASP+ certification can get, let us understand a little more about the specifications of this certificate. 

What Is The CompTIA CASP+ Certificate?

This advanced-level cybersecurity certification covers the technical skills in the field of security architecture and senior security engineering. It prepares the holder for traditional, cloud, and hybrid environments, to have governance, risk, and compliance skills, as well as access to a company’s cybersecurity readiness. They are tasked in help the technical team implements enterprise-wide cybersecurity solutions to the threats.

Once an individual has achieved the CompTIA CASP+ Certification, they monitor, detect, respond to the incident, and get to proactively support the ongoing security operations in the enterprise environment. They also apply security practices to the cloud, on-premises, endpoint, and mobile infrastructure of the company, as well as consider cryptographic technologies and techniques. Throughout their task, these individuals also have to consider the impact of governance, risk, and compliance requirements. 

The people who wish to undertake this exam to get their certificates are many. Since it is an advanced level criterion-based certificate, there are some prerequisites. For example, the preferred qualification before taking the test is a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience in the field of IT. The desired candidate should have had 5 years of experience in IT security. As the advanced-level certificate, knowing the basics like Pentest+, Network+, Security+, CySA+, and Cloud+ certification is also required. 

Since cyber security is being taken very seriously throughout the world, the demand for people with enough knowledge and experience in this field is growing exponentially. Companies are always looking to fill their upper and senior level positions with capable candidates. But those who are actually being hired need to have 2 things on their resume; the proper credentials to prove their knowledge and the hands-on experience to deal with threats when they come. While hiring, a company’s HR has no way to judge if the hands-on experience is valid and useful, but a certificate is proof of knowledge. So, getting a CompTIA CASP+ Certificate is ensuring the fact that your CV will be selected by HR in the 1st round. 

Having High aspirations in your career is good, especially if you are willing to work for it. So if your goals in life include reaching upper-level to senior-level positions in the company of your dreams, you might want to get this certificate. Certificates like these are a good proof of knowledge and can do wonders to your career path. And because the CompTIA CASP+ is an advanced level certificate, it means that the roles it offers up are really good and industry standard. The course is also targeted toward certain individuals. 

What Jobs Can I Get with CASP+ Certification 2023

  • Security Architect
  • Senior Security Engineer
  • SOC Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • It Cybersecurity Specialist/InfoSec Specialist
  • Cyber Risk Analyst

Here are a few of those roles explained in detail to give a clearer picture of what can be achieved with a CompTIA CASP+ Certificate. There are companies available all over the world who are actively recruiting for these roles.

Security Architect

An establishment’s Security Architect is a senior-level employee who is responsible for planning, designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining the establishment’s computer and network security infrastructure. They get such a prestigious place by having intricate knowledge of the authentication process and access management. They also know the network protocols, security engineering, and communication security of the company. The role of a security architect is to provide guidance and leadership under stressful conditions on the company’s cybersecurity policy. They also recommend the necessary security controls and research and design security features for new IT projects. Security architects collab with different developers and business leaders and provide solutions that help the existing security while supporting the identified business objectives. 

Cyber Security Analyst-

The role of a cyber security analyst is another coveted position in the field of IT, and you can get this prestigious position by having the CompTIA CASP+ Certificate. Their job is to develop and implement a good security plan to protect the IT system of their establishment. The network infrastructure as well as the data within an organization is protected by them. This job role is a proactive one where the employee monitors the environment for potential threats. They evaluate the threats and implement systems to mitigate cyberattacks before they even occur. They are also tasked with maintaining existing security systems like firewalls and security appliances.

Security Engineer

The responsibility of a security engineer in an establishment is many, thus making them valuable employees. Mainly, they are in charge of the data systems. This role is similar to that of a Cyber Security Analyst, but there are certain differences. The security engineer of the company focuses on implementing the policies for better security rather than monitoring. A security engineer develops technical solutions to automate security-related tasks, as well as identify the needs. They also build defenses in the organization’s systems to strengthen the infrastructure by adding new security features. Troubleshooting, and responding to cyber attacks also fall under the purview of a security engineer. 

SOC Manager

SOC Managers are also senior-level employees in companies that deal with cyber security. They are actually the ones that lead the security operations team. These employees along with their team are tasked to improve the organization’s security posture with constant monitoring, detecting, and responding to all threats.

The SOC Manager is responsible for the administrative side of the job which includes overseeing the team members as well as providing technical guidance. Their coordination is helped by expertise in handling threats, thus their role is essential to a company. There are many benefits to getting the CompTIA CASP+ Certificate, but one of the best sides is getting to choose the company of your dreams. The cyber threats in the world have increased a lot in recent years, and similarly so has the demand for experts. Here are the top 20 companies who actively hire professionals with a CompTIA CASP+ Certificate-

  1. U.S. Navy
  2. Network Solutions, LLC
  3. One Source Technologies Inc
  4. Target
  5. RICOH
  6. Exon Mobil
  7. Johns Hopkins
  8. Splunk
  9. General Dynamics
  10. Canon
  11. Dell
  12. Blue Cross
  13. Blue Shield
  14. HP
  15. Nissan
  16. Intel
  17. Wells Fargo
  18. Sharp
  19. Best Buy
  20. Fry’s Electronics

Thus we see that the CompTIA CASP+ Certification is truly one that would be extremely beneficial in your career. To attain a senior-level position, certifications like these set you apart from your peers. The experience and knowledge you gather from this course remain unparalleled in the world. 

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