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JAVA Training & Certification in Massachusetts

The Oracle Certified Associate JAVA Training & Certification in Massachusetts (OCAJP) certification provides a foundational understanding of Java and is the first of two steps in demonstrating you have the high-level skills required to become a professional Java developer.
The OCJP course enables students with little or no programming experience to begin learning the Java programming language. It teaches the significance of object-oriented programming, the Java programming language’s keywords and constructs, and the steps required to create simple Java technology programmes. Students will learn to create several Java technology applications using various Java programming language constructs, to use decision and looping constructs and methods to dictate programme flow, to perform basic error handling for your Java technology programs, to implement intermediate Java programming and object-oriented (OO) concepts in Java technology programs, and to demonstrate knowledge of Java technology and the Java programming language.

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- Career benefits with OCAJP certification -

An OCAJP-certified JAVA professional, on average, is between $95,000 and $112,000 per year. The salary varies depending on the professional's experience and organisation.

Consider obtaining OCP(Oracle Certified Professional), OCE(Oracle Certified Expert) and OCM(Oracle Certified Master) certifications after obtaining OCAJP Certification.

Businesses like Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Capgemini, Mphasis and Ericsson all look for OCAJP certification.

A Java Developer is in charge of designing, developing, and managing Java-based applications. Because Java is so widely used, especially by large organizations, daily roles vary greatly but can include owning a specific application or working on several at the same time.

It may not be completely accurate, but there are records proving that OCAJP8 and OCPJP8-certified professionals earn more than a Java programmer with the same skills but no Java Certification. Employers definitely prefer Java-certified professionals over non-certified ones. Many companies even make OCAJP8 and OCPJP8 certifications an eligibility criterion for the hiring process. It happens because assuming that the certified professional will undoubtedly have a greater basic knowledge of Java concepts saves a lot of time and money.

- What you will Get -

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The key features of training for the OCAJP Certification with CareerMaker:

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of Object-Oriented Design when developing Java applications.
  • Learn how to use expressions to process Strings.
  • Learn how to read and write data from files using Java I/O streams.
  • For file and directory manipulation, use JDK 7 (NIO.2).
  • Java application localization. Use Collections and Generics when developing Java applications.
  • Creating Database Applications with JDBC.



09:00am - 01:00pm (CST) Weekend Morning Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
10:00am - 06:00pm (CST) Weekday FEB 06- FEB 10 2022 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW
07:00PM - 11:00pm (CST) Weekend Morning Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022 Live Online ENROLL NOW INQUIRY NOW

Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022

09:00am – 01:00pm (CST)

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FEB 06- FEB 10 2022

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Feb 04 -Feb 26 2022

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- Why Choose Us ? -

-Who should attend this Course -

This  Online Java Training & Certification in Massachusetts certification prepares candidates to be proficient and familiar with various Java language concepts, such as APIs for designing object-oriented applications. Objects, Collections, Concurrency, Threads, Generics, JDBC, and other topics are covered in Java programming training. The Java programming course teaches the fundamental skills required for developing applications with JDK 8 Technology and the NetBeans IDE. Participants in this Java Programming certification course will learn how to use design patterns to create high-performance, robust, and multi-threaded applications. Aside from that, this Java 8 Certification teaches you how to create applications that can manipulate files, file systems, and directories. Java has several advanced features, including a better graphical user interface, greater versatility, improved performance, enhanced portability, and increased security.

The ideal Target Audience for the course:

The Java Programmer Certification is ideal for people who want to:

  • Developers of J2EE.
  • Developers of Java Enterprise Edition.
  • Someone who understands procedural programming concepts and wishes to pursue a career in Java programming.
  • Is anyone interested in learning Java and Object-Oriented Programming concepts?

Pre-requisites for OCAJP Certification:

The Oracle Java certification has no prerequisites. You must, however, have a basic understanding of programming.

If you have studied C or have knowledge of it, you will find Java simple to learn and pass the certification.

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    -What you will learn in this Course -

    Java Platform Overview

    • Introductions
    • Course Schedule
    • Java Overview
    • Java Platforms
    • OpenJDK
    • Licensing
    • Java in Server Environments
    • The Java Community Process

    Java Syntax and Class Review

    • Simple Java classes
    • Java fields, constructors and methods
    • Model objects using Java classes
    • Package and import statements

    Encapsulation and Polymorphism

    • Encapsulation in Java class design
    • Model business problems with Java classes
    • Immutability
    • Subclassing
    • Overloading methods
    • Variable argument methods

    Java Class Design

    • Access modifiers: private, protected and public
    • Method overriding
    • Constructor overloading
    • The instanceof operator
    • Virtual method invocation
    • Polymorphism
    • Casting object references
    • Overriding Object methods

    Advanced Class Design

    • Abstract classes and type generalization
    • The static and final modifiers
    • Field modifier best practices
    • The Singleton design pattern
    • Designing abstract classes
    • Nested classes
    • Enumerated types

    Inheritance with Java Interfaces

    • Java Interfaces
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Object composition and method delegation
    • Implementing multiple interfaces
    • The DAO design pattern

    Generics and Collections

    • Generic classes and type parameters
    • Type inference (diamond)
    • Collections and generics
    • List, set and Map
    • Stack and Deque

    String processing

    • String manipulation with StringBuilder and StringBuffer
    • Essential String methods
    • Text parsing in Java
    • Input processing with Scanner
    • Text output and formatting
    • Regular expressions with the Pattern and Matcher classes

    Exceptions and Assertions

    • Exceptions categories
    • Standard Java Exception classes
    • Creating your own Exception classes
    • Using try-catch and the final clause
    • Using try-with-resources and the AutoCloseable interface
    • The multi-catch feature
    • Best practices using exceptions
    • Assertions

    I/O Fundamentals

    • I/O using Java
    • Reading the console input stream
    • Writing to the console
    • Using I/O Streams
    • Chaining I/O Streams
    • Channel I/O
    • Reading and writing objects using Serialization

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    Jim Hollis

    CompTIA Instructor

    - Certification of Course Completion -

    - Success Stories -

    - FAQ -

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    Exam Name: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer

    Exam Code: 1Z0-808

    Exam Duration: 150 Minutes

    Exam Type: Multiple Choice

    Number of Questions: 70

    Passing Score:65% (46 out of 70)

    Exam Language: English

    The Oracle Certified Java Associate certification is essential for moving forward in Java. Candidates for this exam include entry-level Java programmers, students studying to become Java programmers, and project or programme managers working in the software development industry with Java technology. Some professionals do not have a thorough understanding of the Java Programming Language; preparing for this certification will assist them in gaining a foothold in this language.

    Make yourself familiar with the OCAJP 8 exam process. The Oracle Certification Website is the best place to learn more about it, but you can also speak with one of our team members. Whether you are just starting out or have already written hundreds of thousands of lines of Java code, you must read a book relevant to this certification. Java Complete Reference and Java 8 Pocket Guide are both recommended.

    Yes. This certification is intended for Java programmers and entry-level programmers, who will benefit from learning the fundamentals and essentials of Java while preparing for this certification.




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