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10 Benefits of  CompTIA A+ Certification 2023
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10 Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification 2023

Building a good career and getting well paid for it in this economy is a problem. Young people everywhere are looking for ways to improve their current situation. On that journey, one thing that you might miss out on that would give you a great advantage is getting a CompTIA A Plus Certification

Many may not think that getting this certification is a good use of their valuable time and money. But what is little known in this industry is exactly how it can help your career growth. While CompTIA is not necessary for the IT industry, it is not useless either. In this article, we look at 8 different reasons why getting a CompTIA A Plus Certification might end up helping your career in IT after all. 

10 Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification 2023 are

1.A Way To Get Past HR Bots While Applying For A Job

A company gets thousands of resumes for just a few positions whenever they post a vacancy. And sifting through them, choosing the ones best applies falls on HR scanning software. Many disbelievers in the industry might imply that getting a CompTIA A Plus Certification is only a glorified tag that has no use in real life, it is just a way to pass the Bots. But getting past the preliminary round where the software rejects inadequate people is also an important step in your career. 

When a fresher is trying to land an entry-level job, they often find that a CompTIA A Plus Certification is very helpful to them. This certification shows that you as a prospective employee are eager to learn and advance your career. The course tests your general knowledge and skills in networking and using a computer. Thus, putting you a step above the non-certification holders applying for the same job. 


2.Proof That You Know The Fundamentals Of IT

A basic IT competency check is one f the first things any recruiter checks before hiring someone. A CompTIA A Plus Certification will not help you get a senior position in your firm of choice, and neither will it help you get a technical job. But it will prove that you know the basics and sometimes that’s all that is needed to get your foot into the door. Getting a job in the IT sector without prior experience is difficult, to say the least. For an A+ exam in this field, you cannot cheat or trick your way. Only studying and gathering knowledge would work.

If computers are a hobby of yours, you might find it a little easier. But still knowing things like IT security, cloud concepts, and scripting can seem like much. Thus, it is better to just have a certification that helps you study the correct materials, and have a way to prove that you know what is required. 


3.Common Issues Can Be Resolved Better And Faster

These days whenever there is a problem with a piece of equipment or something, people just call a vendor. But that might take time and become costly over time. A better alternative is to just fix it yourself. Companies often send over their service technicians, but some do ask to perform the first-line troubleshooting over the phone. With a CompTIA A Plus Certification that becomes much easier. Having this certification means you can be trusted with a computer and a screwdriver. A problem with the Operating System can be solved easily by you. Thus resolving the smaller problems around the office becomes very easy if you know what you are doing. 

4.A Gateway To More Certificates

Being new in the field of IT is hard, especially if you are new to the different certifications available out there. But once you have cleared CompTIA A Plus Exam and got the certification, you will see that it helps in providing a good foundation. Studying and giving an exam for certification also helps you in keeping in touch with the habit of studying. 

Staying in the IT field means you will constantly need to upgrade your current skills and keep up with time. The field is so dynamic that it is evolving daily and needs much care. So it is important to know how to study for an exam and complete a course, just like the CompTIA A Plus Certification.

5.The CompTIA A Plus Course Cost Is Cost-Effective

There are many benefits to getting a CompTIA A Plus Certification but probably the best one is the price. Being able to afford degrees and certificates is an intensely personal choice. Everyone knows that a degree is more valuable and generally more useful than a certification. But they are also very costly and many people may not be able to cover the expense. 

Getting a college degree in Computer Science is extremely valuable. But the average cost per year for this degree is $20,000, which is very high indeed. Compared to that a CompTIA A Plus Exam Cost is just around $500. Thus you can get a certificate that is useful and affordable.

6.A Way To Become A More Hands-On Guy

While getting a CompTIA A Plus Certification will not make you an AWS Solutions Architect, you will still learn. And with this knowledge, you can get a job as not a computer repairman, but also a helpdesk employee. Those with a knack for interacting with people should especially consider this course. 

Most IT jobs may be long hours of just staring at a computer, but this is not one of them. With this certification under your wing, people from different places would require your services. And as a social person, this is a great place to start.

7.A Doorway To Better Paid Jobs

The IT field is full of jobs, but you have to have the necessary skills. And getting a CompTIA A Plus Certification means you will get a job in the field. After you start working, it is just a matter of time before you gather more certificates and move up the corporate ladder.

As a beginner with almost no knowledge of computers, Comp TIA Plus is a great beginning. It doesn’t hurt that the exam is extremely trusted and relied on even by the best companies. As you get your beginner’s job, you will start gathering additional experience and education, thus inching your way to your career of choice.

8.Have A Great Work-Life Balance

Working in the IT sector may sometimes means you’ll be married to your job. Staying at your office for a long period, and looking at a screen might burn you out. But with a CompTIA A Plus Certification the jobs you will get are bound to be more balanced. The stress would be manageable and you would feel your accomplishments. Thus this gateway job will ensure that your mental and physical health does not deteriorate. In the end, your career won’t stand in the way of your family life or hurt your relationships.

9.CompTIA A+ Shows That You Are Significant About Your Profession

When you are A+ confirmed, CompTIA makes it simple for you to reestablish your certificate and update your insight with recertification and preparing choices. Remaining on this way is proof of your obligation to your vocation and your steadiness to stay aware of the most up to date advancements in the IT business.

10.CompTIA A+ Is Held By More Than 1 Million Individuals Worldwide.

At the point when you procure your CompTIA A+ Certification, you join more than 1 million other IT experts who have constructed their IT profession on this affirmation.



Many people may look at the CompTIA A Plus Certification with distaste, thinking it is just for the basics. But there are many great advantages to having this certificate, especially at the beginning of your career. Companies will see that you are serious about your career, thus helping you get a good job. In the end, it would be you strengthening your foundation in a fast-paced industry. 

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